Wood Tiles



Manufacture & Materials Specs 

Wooden tiles are manufactured 100% solid European Ash wood. This wood species is not listed in the CITES Appendices or on the IUCN red List of Threatened Species.

We created special tools to sculpt an ergonomic design, details that make a difference for experienced players. We bet on a pure and functional design, focused on the gaming experience. Finished with a solvent-based polyurethane finishing, you will feel a smooth surface, allowing the pieces to slide easily.



We propose different partitions 1, 2 or 3 pockets, so you can optimize your game mate and separate your pieces, saving space and keep it organized. With the Card Tile you can have your cards close to you, standing, keep the special cards for the right moment.


  • TL01 Solo Tile

Overall 11,5cm x 10cm x 1,5cm (4,52” x 3,94” x 0,60”)

  • TL02 Duo Tile

Overall 11,5cm x 10cm x 1,5cm (4,52” x 3,94” x 0,60”)

  • TL03 Trio Tile

Overall 11,5cm x 10cm x 1,5cm (4,52” x 3,94” x 0,60”)

  • TL04 Card Tile

Overall 11,5cm x 10cm x 1,5cm (4,52” x 3,94” x 0,60”)


Player Tiles


Save money buying the Player Packs, be prepared for your game setups.


  • TL05 One Player Pack


1x TL02 Duo Tile

1x TL03 Trio Tile

1x TL04 Card Tile


  • TL06 Two Player Pack


2x TL02 Duo Tile

2x TL03 Trio Tile

2x TL04 Card Tile


  • TL07 Four Player Pack


4x TL02 Duo Tile

4x TL03 Trio Tile

4x TL04 Card Tile


Dice Tray


Two sizes are available, medium and large, the Dice Tray is made of just one piece of solid wood. Inside it is fully upholstered with high density foam and Hydrocare velvet, allowing you to choose from 8 different fabric colors.


  • TL08 Dice Tray M

Overall 231cm x 200cm x 2,6cm (91,24” x 78,74” x 1,02”)

Vault 200cm x 174cm x 1,9cm (78,74” x 68,50” x 0,74”)

  • TL09 Dice Tray L

Overall 288cm x 250cm x 2,6cm (113,38” x 98,42” x 1,02”)

Vault 257cm x 224cm x 1,9cm (101,18” x 88,19” x 0,74”)


  • Velvet

Features: Hydrocare, Cigarette Resistant

Surface Composition: 100% Polyester

Backing Composition: 70% Polyester + 30% Cotton

Abrasion Test: 30.000

HydroCare - Internationally recognized concept has been tested through a water-repellent technology, which prevents the infiltration of dirt, allowing an easier and effective cleaning. This treatment prevents the appearance of dirt, keeping the fabric dry and clean. 

Colors avaiable:



Card Holder


It is an innovative system in solid wood that you can adjust it to the width of your cards, keeping the cards perfect stacked and straight. Preventing the cards from falling on the mate when you dial a card.


  • TL10 Card Holder M

Overall 11,5cm x 10cm x 11,5cm (4,52” x 3,94” x 4,52”)

Cards width between 4,2cm to 6,8cm (1,65” to 2,67)

  • TL11 Card Holder L

Overall 11,5cm x 10cm x 16,5cm (4,52” x 3,94” x 6,50”)

Cards width between 4,2cm to 6,8cm (1,65” to 2,67)



Gamer Packs


If you have no time to choose your Tiles set, we have created the sets for you.

Everything you need to organize your game. Save money buying the Gamer Packs.


  • TL12 Gamer Pack


1x TL10 Card Holder M

1x TL08 Dice Tray M

1x TL01 Solo Tile

1x TL02 Duo Tile


  • TL13 Gamer Pro Pack


1x TL11 Card Holder L

1x TL09 Dice Tray L

2x TL01 Solo Tile

2x TL02 Duo Tile



The method of cleaning is wiping the surface with a soft and dry cloth or a slightly moist, supple chamois in the direction of the wood grain. Prohibited are: Bleaching additives (e.g. lemon) and all other cleaning and scouring agents. Do not clean the surfaces with microfibre cloths and all liquids containing acid, e.g. fruit juices or alcohol, should be dabbed away.